Feminism, Capitalism and the State.

Month: April, 2012

by museifushugi


Feminist Film and Discussion Night


Our bodies our choice!

by Loosey Parsuns

On Friday 30th the 40 Days for Life’s big prayer vigil event held outside an abortion clinic in central London with Bishop Hopes was opposed by a coming together of all those who believe that women’s choice and freedom still matters.

The militant faction of radical feminists were also present observing, holding placards, partaking and in some cases leading the chants. We were sensitive to the fact that the un-holy alliance was hiding cowardly behind pregnant women and very young children long after dark. We thought carefully about what to chant, our targets were not victims of the church, but they brought the fight to us and we fought it back. Critical mass joined us early on and bombarded the vigil with noise and color and numbers.  I must admit for me it was the best demo I’ve ever been to. The spontaneous nature of it combined with the turn out made it a success. As Anarchists we do not believe in God and that the institution of the church is not out to save you and is not concerned with being Christ like. We kept the demo about the issue at hand and chanted ‘’Where’s your bishop now?’’ and ‘’Right to life, your names a lie, you don’t care if women die!’’ and ‘’we give life, we decide!’’

South London Femcells took the initiative of going to the bishops home and tightening a banner on to his front door with the words ‘’Bishop Hope shame on you. Come to us, we’ll come to you.’’

The fight is not over. We’ll be there to oppose all your dogma cause we know for something like this it’s just a mask concealing violence against women. Well no more!