The Scum Manifesto Quotation

by Loosey Parsuns

Say what you will about The ‘Scum Manifesto’ but it’s certainly not guilty of mincing it’s words. In a parallel universe matriarchy could be in full swing in some far away planet. ridicules? why? it’s as ridicules as patriarchy. And we now live under patriarchy. We have done so since men thought to themselves they were above us womin. Most still do. Why not be creative with trying to express that? The author of ‘Scum Manifesto’, Valerie Solanos, FemCells North cannot comment on. It’s beside the point. It is possible to separate the work from the creator sometimes. We do it all the time when we like a film or a song or a book. ‘The Scum Manifesto’ is great radical fiction which challenges our pre conceived notion of power. We are not claiming Valerie Solanos is perfect just because we used a snippet of her work. May i remind everyone that no one is.

The reason we will keep with the quote we decided as a group already to use, is the shock value.Clearly it’s working. And we will not be censored as to what we publish. Especially not from a non FemCells person.  No offence but perhaps us FemCells North for this reason isn’t really your cup of tea in terms of Feminist groups.

FemCells are a mixture of  Anarcha-Feminists and womin who are new to Feminism. We see the value in womin only safe spaces and so we choose to have womin only meetings regularly. And plans are in motion to hold public meetings once a month which includes everybody, to discuss and to see what comes of it. We don’t hate men. The problem is so many of them hate us.

We do not seek to replicate any other feminist group out there. Instead we seek to do something new. We welcome Feminists from all generations so that we can together take a stride forward to abolish patriarchy and have some fun along the way. The very least we can do is try it out and see if it works.