Self Defence in Brighton Report

by Loosey Parsuns

Self Defence is very important if you want to protect yourself from any sort of attack. It is very important we tool ourselves up with the knowledge that may save us. A handful of Femcellers went to Brighton on August the 4th 2012 to learn some vital techniques in a women only self defence class. We joined Brighton women in a class of around 15 and trained for approx 2 hours. It was very empowering to learn moves that are crucial in a world where we as women are constantly harassed, abused and as we all know, worse. Every woman should do self defence. And every Feminist should remind women of that.

Part 2 of the day was an open talk to all on Anti Fascism and how best we can organise around it.

Let’s hope this is one of many! Thank you Brighton Anti Fascists for hosting this! We look forward to more.